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2-HIEM training in Nepal -Course overview

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

HIEM is the first collaborative international Emergency Medicine (EM) training developed in the UK. HIEM trainees currently will go through 4 years of training (1st and 4th year training in Nepal and 2nd and 3rd year training in the UK). Trainees will follow Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) curriculum, RCEM eportfolio, and Fellowship in Quality improvement (FQim) modules as part of the training. At the end of the training process, trainees will appear for Member of Royal College of Emergency Medicine MRCEM exam, and will receive two qualifications (MRCEM and FQim). The degree of MRCEM will be awarded by Royal College of Emergency Medicine. The candidates will be designated as International Training Registrar (ITR), after selection in the HIEM training entrance exam.


A 600 hour Masters level programme equivalent to a PgCert is integrated within the HIEM programme. This programme consists of four modules to be completed over four years: Quality Improvement and Operations Management

(Module 1); Teams and Team Working

(Module 2); Medical Leadership

(Module 3) & Change and Transformation

(Module 4). A Quality / Health System Improvement project will be written up in year four with a 12,000 word Thesis.

A Project proposal and ethics application will be completed in year 1 and a summary of this will be made available for doctors Annual Review of Competence Practice (ARCP) in year 1.

There are three different type of HIEM training available

1. HIEM International (1st and 4th year training in Nepal and 2nd and 3rd year training in the UK)

2. HIEM National ( all 4 years of training in Nepal) and Last 3 months, clinical attachment post in UK.

3. HIEM-SR After completing HIEM International or HIEM National, if trainees wants to achieve Fellowship of Royal College in Emergency Medicine (FRCEM) and GMC UK Specialist Registration in Emergency Medicine, then they will have to follow further 4 years of training in the UK.

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